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About phs Greenleaf

About phs Greenleaf

phs Greenleaf is a leading supplier of interior and exterior plant displays and Christmas trees and accessories for all business environments.

Our expert team create high quality, seasonal real and artificial plant displays to ensure premises look welcoming and inviting all year round, both inside and out.


We offer a wide range of displays from our collection and designer range - or our expert team can create bespoke displays designed to suit an individual premise. 

Our team pride themselves on offering an unrivalled plant service to businesses throughout the UK.

We understand that first impressions are important. It’s a natural human response to make an instant judgement about a premise based on how it looks. A lifeless plant in reception or poorly maintained grounds are off-putting for customers and staff alike and do nothing for the reputation of a business

We also know that businesses are operating in challenging environments and often don’t have time they would like to dedicate to maintaining appearances. That’s why we can take care of all your plant and grounds maintenance needs for you with a wide range of high quality plants and services all year round.

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Experienced team 

Experienced team 

Our experienced and trained team also offer specialist ground maintenance, including corporate landscaping services and large ground maintenance, to ensure your premises are well-maintained and attractive-looking whatever the time of year.

Thanks to our experience and locations, we are able to service multiple sites, as well as single sites, at your convenience.

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