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Complaints policy

Complaints policy


phs Group is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and continually strives to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. However, we recognise that there may be times when we don’t get it right and our customers wish to make a complaint.

We have therefore developed this policy to describe in simple terms how you can make a complaint, how we will manage your complaint, and the levels of service you can expect.

We embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement in all aspects of our service delivery, and view complaints as a valuable opportunity to improve our performance and ensure that we learn from our mistakes. It is our intention to provide our customers with access to a customer-focused complaints handling process that is open, responsive and fair.

What is a complaint?

We would consider a complaint to be “A written or verbal expression of concern, dissatisfaction or criticism relating to any aspect of our service to you the customer”.

This may include, but is not limited to:-

  • Failure to achieve the standards of service we have promised
  • Unacceptable delay or failure to respond to an enquiry or request
  • Dissatisfaction with the actions of our staff or contractors & agents working on our behalf

Making a complaint

We have a highly competent Customer Retention Team that are easily contactable via telephone, post, e-mail and our website. All of our staff have been trained to handle customer complaints and will respond quickly and courteously to your complaint, while ensuring that the details are logged accurately and the best remedy offered for the issue you have raised.

How to Contact Us

By telephone
All verbal complaints should be referred to the Customer Retention Team on 02920 809080 who will log the complaint and provide further guidance.

By post
Please post all written complaints to the following address quoting your account number, a contact name and telephone number:-

Customer Retention Department 
Western Industrial Estate
CF83 1HX

By e-mail

Please send all e-mail complaints to washroomcustomercare@phs.co.uk quoting your account number, a contact name and telephone number.

Acknowledgment of complaints

All written complaints received via post, e-mail and the company website will be acknowledged in writing within 24 hours of receipt. 

Response times

We aim to respond to all written correspondence within 48 hours of receipt. In the first instance we will attempt to contact the correspondent by telephone, should we be unsuccessful we will provide a written response detailing our suggested remedy and contact details.


In order for you to find out at any time how your complaint is progressing - and the person who is currently dealing with the issue you have raised - each complaint received by the Customer Retention Team will be allocated a unique customer complaint reference number. This reference number will be quoted on the initial response you receive from us and all future correspondence relating to your complaint.

Resolution times

Our aim, where possible, is to provide a resolution to all customer complaints on first contact, however this is not always possible and it may take longer to investigate and resolve a complaint to your satisfaction.

To ensure that all complaints are resolved at the earliest opportunity, any outstanding complaints will automatically be escalated to a Branch/Department Manager after 10 working days for review. It will be the Managers responsibility to provide a progress report and/or a definitive date for resolution of the complaint.

If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction within 20 working days the complaint will be escalated to our Operations Director who will review the complaint personally and offer a final resolution.

Referral of complaints to Financial Ombudsman Service

While we always aim to agree a remedy with our customers, any eligible complaint relating to consumer credit activities that has not been resolved within 8 weeks can be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service who will make an independent and impartial final decision. Guidance in regard to the eligibility of complaints can be provided by our staff or the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Quality of response/resolution

It is our aim to resolve all complaints to our customer’s satisfaction, we will therefore monitor the speed and quality of our responses to verify that all complaints receive a response/resolution within agreed timescales, are fully and fairly investigated and offer an equitable remedy.


Our Complaints Policy will ensure the utmost levels of confidentiality so that customers are not discouraged from making a complaint.

In addition, accusations made in regard to the behaviour of our employees will only be made known to those staff members directly involved in the investigation of the complaint. 

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